Players' Guide to the Verdant Reaches


Welcome to the Verdant Reaches, a campaign about exploration and world building. You arrive in Frontier Falls as the second wave of settlers, one year after the first one struck out. The tiny settlement is just over 200 miles away from true civilisation to the East, and to its west lie the vast, largely unexplored valleys, forests, mountains, and more, of the Verdant Reaches.

View from Frontier Falls across the Reaches


The Verdant Reaches setting is about humans and dwarves, their lives, aspirations, fears, and relationships. It is about leaving a stable, grounded kingdom behind, and venturing into the unknown. The kingdom knows no monsters of legend, except in legend.

Forget what you know about traditional fantasy creatures--if you discover any in your travels, they will be new and surprising to you. The world is less openly fantastical, and shows that sometimes tall stories come from a very real core. It's less Lord of the Rings, and more Game of Thrones. It's what the 2003 re-imaging of Battlestar Galactica was to its original.